Moving to climate change hours Ross Belot

13 Years in the making, Wolsak and Wynn is publishing the new poetry collection from 2016 CBC Poetry Finalist Ross Belot, a dark ode to the end of oil. From industrial accidents to frozen highways Belot charts the ends of a life that face a working man in stripped-down lyric poetry. These are poems that have seen it all and acknowledge the darkness that’s coming while still seeing beauty in the arched neck of a tundra swan. With a filmmaker’s sense of atmosphere and an environmentalist’s urgency, Belot’s stark lines take the reader deep into the heart of the industrial man. Order this book


“Ross Belot’s astonishing poetry steps off a moving train into the unknown. He deftly locates strangeness in the ordinary— in a sagging couch that shifts from one place to another in a room…

…or in a magpie that walks “through her body.” We find “Yesterday/ was all chainsaw” in poems that buzz with power, defying expectation.  Moving to Climate Change Hours is a remarkable book, revealing a poet at the height of his craft.”

~Anne Simpson


“It is wonderful to read these confident, wide-ranging poems.Belot takes recognizable subjects— work, marriage, parenting, drinking with co-workers, childhood, new love— and makes them strange again. Shifting between Canadian and…


…American landscapes and locales, and using many different poetic forms, what emerges is a strong and questioning personality, confronting his own life in middle age, as his own complicity in larger catastrophes. It’s a beautiful, intimate, ambitious, moving book written by a poet of great skill and  deep feeling.”

~Matthew Zapruder


“This is a great speculative and lyrical collection that asks hard questions with no easy answers.”

Sarah Neilson, Shondaland,


Moving to Climate Change Hours named one of the best Canadian poetry books of 2020

CBC Dec 8, 2020

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